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Frequently Asked Questions

Why not build my site with a free website builder tool?

Nothing is really "free." When you're getting something for "free," someone is actually getting something.

What are free website builders getting from me?

The short answer is: Everything. Any attention your site gets, ultimately boosts the popularity of the website builder, and not your own site.

Why do I have such a hard time getting to the top of Google?

Websites that are made from free website builders are notorious for poor CEO. When the search engines crawl the web, and reach your site, they actually see only the site builder, and it boosts the site builder rankings, while your site is left in the lurch.

I'm on a low budget. How much do you charge to build a site?

The REAL question is: "How much money do I want to earn?" Study after study shows that the #1 marketing prospect for any brand is a solid ONLINE PRESENCE. We at Red Smoke Technologies will create a site for you that perfectly suits your brand. Furthermore, we will not leave you on your own to fend for yourself; our dedicated team will work with you to strategize an aggressive marketing plan, and your days of chasing customers will be over. Instead, customers will chase you!

But really, how much do you charge?

Let's just say, if you add up the amount of money your average American spends annually on coffee... it's LESS than that. We understand that everyone is on a budget, including you. We will work with you, give you a discount if need be, arrange a payment plan that works for you. But step one is contacts us, and let's talk! (The conversation is on the house!)