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About Red Smoke Technologies

You want to build a website or a blog. So, you make an account with a free website builder. And then, one of two things happens....

1) You spend hours working on the site, and get really frustrated. The site builder just isn't letting you do what you want it to do. Finally, you give up.

2) Through gritted teeth, you finish your site. Now you can finally promote your brand! You show off your site to everyone. But you are hurt to see the reactions you get. People merely nod nonchalantly, and continue about their business, leaving you in a funk. Worse yet, somehow, despite all your hard work, you don't succeed in promoting your brand.

What is it with people, anyway? Can't they see you worked so hard? Yet here you are... whether you're trying to sell a product, or sell your writing, or just sell yourself, you are left standing there without an audience.

Why is this happening to you?

The reason it's happening to you is because, the moment you made that free account and got started on that free website, you were setting yourself up for failure. Because by doing so, you were never promoting yourself to begin with. You were promoting the WEBSITE BUILDER.

Of course we know, everything happens for a reason. The fact that you're here, is for a reason. You're here because you got something good, you got something to sell. Big time. You just need to get it out there.

This time, you've come to the right place: Red Smoke Technologies!

Whether it's a store website, a book website, or a blog, we can get it done for you; we are digitial matchmakers. What does that mean? It means we make a match between you and your clientele! It means we'll design a site for you that'll blow their socks off. Because the site will just not be a site. It will be an expression of YOU.